Jamie Oliver Is Not A Fan Of 'Fake' Nutrition Experts

He says they're spreading bad advice...

13 May 2017

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Jamie Oliver has been an advocate of healthy eating for decades.

He's always made a case for fresh fruit and veggies and tried to bring a healthy balance of food into schools, the workplace and the dinner table.

Lots of other celebrities and chefs are jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon too, but Jamie says that some are just taking healthy eating too far.


During an interview with news.com.au, Jamie has lamented the rise of bloggers and wellness experts who have no formal training in nutrition or fitness. 

“There’s a lot of self-diagnosis going on, and a lot of bulls**t and a lot of total crap being talked about [in food and nutrition]."

Whilst discussing Belle Gibson, a fitness and food blogger who is waiting to have a potential $220,000 in penalties charged after she claimed to have cured her brain cancer using alternative diets and therapies, the chef explained that some advice just shouldn't be followed.

“There’s a lot of lies, like ‘oh I had cancer and I cured myself’ from ‘trusted’ sources — there’s a lot of fake stuff.

"If you’re going to inspire people on mass to do something and it’s based on ill fact or lies, that’s a big problem."

He explained that the publishers of the new wellness and nutrition books should know their facts before publishing something that could be misleading to the public.

“There is a responsibility to the publisher that they go through books for litigious stuff and for copyright stuff.

“If people are claiming stuff and it’s complete bulls**t that's the publisher’s fault.

"If anyone starts quoting anything on health and nutrition — it’s the publisher’s duty to make sure we have it checked and double checked.”


Belle became popular through a cookbook called The Whole Pantry and it's accompanying app.

Jamie recommends people get their advice from trained nutritionists or dieticians before following the healthy-eating guidelines of an unqualified source.

"Either know it yourself or get the advice yourself."

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