Jake & Megan Have Discussed Their Steamy Night Together That Ended In The Emergency Room

How awkward!

7 May 2018

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At the very beginning of Bachelor In Paradise, the girls discussed why "everyone has a Jake Ellis story" to tell...

Now, Megan has a very interesting Jake story to tell and it's not just that they're still dating after all this time.

The couple were interviewed by NW magazine about their relationship and one story about a steamy night that ended in the ER has Bachie fans hooked!


Megan told the magazine that one night, during a steamy make out session that was escalating very quickly in a fellow Bachelor In Paradise contestants bathroom, Jake got hurt VERY badly.

Jake started the story off...

"One night we were in Perth, we'd had a pretty big night, we were drunk and in [Bachelor in Paradise star] Brett Moore's bathroom and very in the moment..."

Then Megan revealed that there was a "snap"... Jake was broken where a man should never be broken.

He continued:

"It was the most excruciating thing I've ever been through in my life. Immediately I knew I'd done some damage to myself, and told Megan I needed to go to the hospital straight away. I was very swollen!

"I did my best to hide it from Megan because I definitely didn't want to turn her off, but she was really good about it! She did chuckle a bit... But anyway, we got to the hospital at 3am and the doctor came in and was like, 'Do I know you from somewhere? My wife and I have watched you on TV!'

"It was very embarrassing, and a very dark and scary moment. I had to have surgery and stitches. It was a long six weeks of healing."

After Jake told his story, Megan said that her man was very embarrassed and apologised to her!

"After the surgery, he was like, 'I'm so sorry! If you want to break up with me, just do it now!' I was like, 'Seriously? You're apologising to me?'"

These two can get through anything!


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