J-Lo: Giving Us Free-To-Air TV Is A "No Brainer"

All for the fans!

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Our regular Docker, coach Justin Longmuir himself, had no issues dipping into the current controversy around the new TV broadcast deal currently in negotiation.

If you're not aware, the rights for the broadcasts are up for grabs and there's a very real chance that you may have to "pay" to watch your favourite team play.

Coach J-Lo reckons this is not on.

"It's a human right, I think. It's the only way we can keep growing the game and keep fans engaged more often, so, I think it's a no brainer."


It's a case of watch this space, but it's nice to know that coach J-Lo is on our side.

PS: If you came here for the TV chat, stick around for the chat about the wicked retro stuff that the Dockers are rolling out this weekend. It's the jumper that J-Lo wore in his first game.


20 July 2022

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