It's going to be a wet weekend in FNQ

But how much rain will we get?

1 February 2019

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What a wild week it's been for us here in Far North and North Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology has downgraded just how much rain we can expect this weekend.

We still should see 60-70mm of the good stuff each day, down from the 100-200mms they'd first forecast.

But while it's a little less for us, the Mulgrave River is still on flood watch as more than 80mm has been recorded in the past 24 hours.

It's currently sitting at 3.80 metres and although rain has eased for the moment, we could still see that number rise over the weekend.

While our friendly banter with Townsville usually likes to see plenty of jokes, our thoughts are with the hundreds who've evacuated across the morning and past few days.

Emergency declarations have been issued for a number of suburbs, while schools will remain closed for the rest of the day.

The Bruce Highway is affected and for all your traffic updates please see the QLD- traffic website below.

Might be a good weekend to catch up on some Netflix and rest.

Carly caught up with Rick from the BOM who fill us in on exactly we can expect this weekend:

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