It Turns Out Last Week Wasn’t The First Time Uber Eats Drivers Have Taken A Cheeky Chip…

It’s happened to other people!

8 October 2018

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Last week, we published a story about an Uber Eats driver who was caught stealing chips from a bag while waiting at a customer's front door. It caused quite a stir on our Facebook page and it turns out it isn’t the first time something like this has happened!

"This Uber Eats. They take 0 responsibility. The food was dumped outside. Uber had no idea where our food went. We woke up to this." (photo in inset above)

I’ve had Uber drivers rock up to collect the food. One guy was picking food out of his mouth with his pinky finger, while waiting for the food, gross! And he’s handling the food bags too.

Imagine how many chips my Uber Eats rider would have eaten on his way to mine the other night on his bicycle. That may be the reason why my sundae was missing half of its content. Haha.

My son ordered Uber Eats. Never turned up but they said it was delivered. [Business] wasn’t even going to refund it until we said we will take the complaint further. Took them a week to refund so I told my son never to do it again.” 

Mine said tracking your bike delivery. The bloke showed up in a car with four other people, no bike to be seen anywhere.” 

When the Uber driver picked up your mean and then cancelled the trip so he could eat it himself.

Explains the time there was only 8 chips in our [business] box.

Our driver stole out entire pizza once. Picked it up and we never saw it.

So that’s why [business] stuff up my order all the time. Cheeky Uber drivers eating my food!” 

My Deliveroo blatantly stoke my cupcakes TWICE!

Many Facebook users mentioned that it is policy that all bags should be stapled prior to leaving the restaurant, so keep an eye out to make sure your favourite store is following the rules.

Watch the surveillance video from last week below…

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