Our Top 5 Iso-Date Night Ideas

How To Date Night in Isolation

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We’re neck deep in staying at home and isolating at the moment and if we’re all being honest, it’s been a wild ride, especially if you’ve got kids. But even if you don’t, it’s not exactly normal to spend 4,736 hours a week with your significant other, and well, no one else. Unless your essential, you’re probably working from home, home every night and all weekend and just about going crazy.

Want to go to the movies? Closed.

Want to go have a picnic in the park? Hefty fine and indefinite amounts of community-judgement.

Want to go out for dinner? Absolutely not.


Yeah, we get it and we’re here to help you out! We’ve pulled together 5 awesome iso-date night ideas to bring a little bit of fun and enjoyment back into your life. But remember, the trick to a good date night is to be open minded. Be willing to give just about anything a go.

  1. Picnic at Home

We might not be able to leave the house but we can absolutely still enjoy the benefits of a romantic, relaxed picnic for two, regardless of the weather. Be it inside on the floor of the lounge room or on the grass in the backyard! Grab a rug, your fave cushions, a few candles, and pop on your favourite play list for some vibey background music -talk about ambiance! If you want to make it extra cozy, pull up YouTube and let visions of a fireplace play on the TV. Make a grazing board of your favourite finger foods and nibbles (or order one! There are lots of awesome small businesses that will make and deliver a DELISH grazing box to your door like The Gift Box Co) and pop a few bevvy’s in the fridge. The best part is you don’t have to worry about forgetting cutlery, you can enjoy actual wine glasses instead of plastic and you can even wear your PJ’s.


  1. Date Night in a Box

Order a surprise date night pack from the girls at DateCrate. Every box is filled with fun, unique and spontaneous date night items and activities that are bound to bring fun and connection to your night in. Everything you need is in the box. And best of all, no babysitters required so it’s iso-perfect!

  1. Board Games

This one is a little less romantic and a little more fun. Board games are a great excuse to put the phones down and spend some time focused on, well beating each other. Word of warning, we don’t encourage games of Monopoly.  Some of our favourite games though are Phase 10 for card game lovers, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride for those slightly longer strategy games and Bananagrams for the word lovers! If you’re not the board game type, the guys at Jack Box Games have literally hundreds of great interactive games that you can play straight from your tv. Whatever you play, we do recommend all games nights are accompanied with a large bowl of crispy MnM’s and a good bevvy or two.


  1. Candle Lit Takeaway

This one is easy. Order your favourite takeaway (we’ll take a pad thai, 2 roti and a massman curry with coconut rice thanks!) and set the table as though you were having a romantic dinner for two – we’re talking candles, flowers, table mats, the good crockery and a romantic playlist for background ambiance. Take the takeaway out of the dingey takeaway containers (we’re all about keeping it classy and ignoring the fact that we didn’t cook thanks) and dish it up. Don’t forget dessert! To add a bit of fun, grab a set of Oh Happy Date Cards from the guys at Insight Mind and use the cards to stimulate great conversation. These cards are awesome whether you have been together for fifteen minutes or fifteen years.

  1. Movie Marathon

Do you have a favourite movie series (we’re big fans of the Fast and Furious fans over here)? Maybe it is a series you haven’t seen before. Which ever it is, pick a saga and plan a series of date nights where you can cuddle up on the couch with a warm beverage and your favourite snacks and work your way through the series of films.  

So there you have it, every date night for the rest of isolation sorted for you. Now all you need to do is figure out which one you want to do first!

Ri Prigg

1 May 2020

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Ri Prigg

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