Is there 'woofing' keeping you up at night?

Loud Noises!

2 August 2017

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Doggos, puppers and woofers. No matter what you call your lovable pups they might be causing some distress to your fellow neighbours.

After a local lady uploaded audio to Facebook with multiple dogs barking in her street all night we heard from other concerned people living in loud doggy neighbourhoods.

So what to do if you’re a tired neighbour or a concerned pet owner?

Well according to the council’s website 


‘Ongoing barking is often a symptom of another problem, and taking time to understand what makes dogs bark - especially your pet or other dogs in your neighbourhood - is the first step towards solving this problem, both for the dog involved and your neighbours’

Once you know the symptom – boredom, fear, stress – you can work towards stopping the barking!

Great success!

The council suggest having a chat to your neighbour as they might not even know there’s a problem. There’s a ‘Dear Neighbour’ letter located here that you can use.

If your neighbour is unapproachable or the barking continues you can contact the council for further advice or report the problem here.

There’s some pretty nifty fact sheets on the councils website to check out as well.

So  if you love the silence on your street – remember to love your woofer and love thy neighbour.

You can listen to Cliffo & Loggy chat about the issue on their podcast here

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