Is it Really Their ‘Bachie’ Edit Or Are They Just Bachie Villains?

Victims or villains?

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Are the Bachelor in Paradise cast members villains or victims to the Bachie edit?

It’s a tale as old as time, person goes on a reality tv show, said person gets portrayed badly, then blames the producers for their edit, this isn't new.

A number of girls currently on Bachelor in Paradise have spoken out on their social media about the way they have been edited, including Cass Mamone.

A number of cast members of this season of Bachelor in Paradise have backed her claim, that she has been heavily edited to drive a narrative, but other cast members *cough* Niranga *cough* have suggested her 'edit', made her look better than the reality.

So yes, reality tv definitely edits clips before it makes it to our screens, no one is denying that, but are some of these Bachie cast members using their Bachie 'edit' to excuse their behaviour, or are they victims to reality tv producers?

There are some interesting details that have been uncovered in recent episodes:

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30 July 2020

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