Intruder Billy Reveals Which MAFS Co-Star He Can't Stand

"Don't even say her name to me"

Ebony Reeves

26 February 2019

Ebony Reeves

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As this hectic season of MAFS continues to unfold, the series introduced intruders for the very first time in a desperate attempt to fill the drama-void that presented itself following the departure of Ines and Sam.

Someone lock the door! 

Of course the experts insist that it's all part of the "experiment", but by now we've all figured out that's just a fancy way of saying "let's see how far we can push these suckers before they reach breaking point".

With evidence of the success of placing a she-devil with a nice guy (thanks to our "experimental" guinea pigs Ines and Bronson) the producers once again go for the winning combo, pairing the angelic Billy with, well, Susie. 


He's the kind of guy who will offer to make you a coffee - or 10 - every morning. The kind of guy we all dream of... 

This morning when Billy joined Keeshia & Tim in the studio, he had ALL the MAFS tea and was NOT afraid to spill it! 

Seriously... the door.

He explained that he didn't realise he was an intruder until halfway through his first dinner party with the other couples, and revealed his serious dislike for one of his co-participants.  

Hear the full chat with Billy in the catch up below: 

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