Insider Reveals ALL About Perth’s Secret Swinging Scene

What happens if you see someone you know?

21 March 2018

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Believe it or not, it’s said that 3% of Perth’s population are Swingers, which is about 66,000 people; so just how exactly do these secret gatherings function?

Heidi, Xavier & Ryan sat down with a 36-year-old insider (whose identity has remained anonymous) in their Do You Mind If I Ask? segment and dived into everything from where they are held, what people wear, safe sex and yes, what happens if you see someone you know.

Where are they?

"There’s clubs around Perth and around Australia. There’s also house parties or Envelope Parties where you receive an envelope from someone”

What happens if you see someone you know there?

“There’s quite a few codes. You don’t talk about what you experience. You basically don’t say any names. You meet somewhere very private and you talk about it if you want to talk about it or you basically just nod your head.

“If you’re passing someone by like 'hey I know you and you know me', that’s it. That’s all it is. Actually, you wouldn’t know the difference of a swinger… they basically have a duel life; a duel personality.”

His No. 1 tip for anyone thinking of swinging? 

“Number one, you have to get there early. Never ever get there halfway because you’d be like a deer in the lights. Truck’s coming your way, you don’t understand which way to go, what to do, who’s with who.”

Take a listen to the full interview below for more exclusive details:

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