Increase for Shepparton Police

Plus more Cops in Benalla and Seymour

4 March 2018

Many Victorian communities can look forward to seeing an increased police presence in their area.

A decision was made on where 825 additional officers will be deployed across Victoria over the 12 month period starting in May.

The allocations of the 300 new police in work areas by Division and Police Service Area are as follows:

  •  Shepparton Police Service Area (2)

The allocation of 208 family violence specialist roles in key locations are as follows:

  • Shepparton (5)
  • Benalla (3)
  • Seymour (3)

300 are being allocated to areas with the highest need for policing services, with growth areas such as Geelong, Wyndham, Melton, Hume and Cardinia Police Service Areas set to receive a resourcing boost.

A further 93 additional members are being deployed across some of our specialist areas such as Road Policing, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Covert Support, Professional Standards and Transit and Public Safety commands, and the Legal Services Department.

208 specialist family violence police will be deployed across the state, enabling Victoria Police to commence the transition to Family Violence Investigation Units (FVIUs) with dedicated detectives and intelligence practitioners embedded into the teams.


These are the first of 2,729 new officers announced by the State Government in December 2016. 

Training at the Academy is underway with these new officers to be progressively rolled out to stations and specialist areas from May.

It is the second time Victoria Police has used its Staff Allocation Model (SAM), which was developed in in 2016 and further matured in 2017, to ensure that additional police are being deployed to the areas of highest need.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said, “At Victoria Police our absolute focus is on keeping people safe. To do that we need to be the best policing service we can be – agile and responsive to the needs of communities, on the front foot, preventing crime and locking up offenders.

“That is what we are creating in Victoria – using the significant investments made by the State Government to put more police on the streets with the right training and right equipment, able to respond and prevent crime where and when needed.

“This allocation is just the first of 2,729 additional police being deployed by July 2022. As with all further rounds, these resources have been allocated to the areas of greatest need, as determined by our Staff Allocation Model.

“This is a more sophisticated approach than has previously been used to ensure we are getting maximum benefits from the investments made.”

Deployment decisions for the recruitment program will be made annually, rather than being locked in through a multi-year projection, allowing flexibility and response to changing police demand in the community.

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