Important: Uber Pets Is Launching In Brisbane Tomorrow!

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This one goes out to all the parents of fur babies in Sydney and Brisbane - boy do we have some news for you.

As of tomorrow, March 10th, Uber will be trialling their new ‘Uber Pets’ service in Sydney and Brisbane, where passengers will be able to bring their dog/cat/bird/lizard (any domesticated animal the driver deems appropriate) along for the ride!

The trial will be available as a separate option in your app and will link you up with drivers who are happy to pick up your pet for an additional $6-7.

It’s important to note that service animals are already legally accepted in ordinary Ubers.

The ride-share company hasn't stated how long the trial will last, but if all goes well, we could see it become a permanent service.   

Those beach and vet trips just got a whole lot easier!

Entertainment News Team

8 March 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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