IKEA Is Launching Its Iconic Giant ‘Growroom’ In Sydney

It will pop up on the Harbour

Carly Heading

9 August 2017

Carly Heading

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Image Credit: Space 10

You may remember just a few months ago when we all lost it over IKEA's new urban garden type globe thing called Space 10…. AKA the Growroom.

Basically, IKEA set up the garden in Copenhagen and we saw everything featured inside from plants, to bushes to veggies and herbs.

The idea was to educate people that one day we will be living in an environment so packed with people that we will need to learn how to grow produce for ourselves and how to share produce.

The Growroom was such a hit overseas that they have decided to bring it to Australia and yes IT WILL BE IN SYDNEY!

Next Wednesday August 17 & Thursday August 18 you will be able to pop yourself into the garden of greenery!

So far the location hasn’t been announced but all we know is that it will be somewhere in the city with an epic harbour view.

It will also be free!!

You will have to book your spot in the Growroom though, and you can do that here!

These are the sessions that are available.


Session 1: Wed 16th Aug - 3.30pm

Session 2: Wed 16th Aug - 5pm

Session 3: Wed 16th Aug 6.30pm

Session 4: Wed 16th Aug - 8pm


Session 1: Thu 17th Aug - 11.30pm

Session 2: Thu 17th Aug - 1pm

Session 3: Thu 17th Aug - 2.30pm

Session 4: Thu 17th Aug - 5pm

Session 5: Thu 17th Aug - 6.30pm

Session 6: Thu 17th Aug - 8pm

Because the whole idea of the Growroom is to educate and teach people how to share, IKEA will also be hosting a shared dining experience inside the globe and they will be  using ingredients that have been grown in garden.

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