Ikea Is Releasing A Range Of Perfumes & We Don't Know Why


Lauren Payne

14 June 2017

Lauren Payne

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Image: Ikea

First, Ikea sells us amazing furniture that takes 4573 billion years to put together.

Then they decide to feed us with delicious meatballs.

Now, they have their own fragrance line on the way!

Is there anything this store doesn't do?


Ikea has released their new fragrance in collaboration with Swedish perfumery Byredo and we don't know how to feel.

There's no word on what this mystery scent will be just yet, but it'll probably be along the lines of meat, blue plastic and fresh wooden wardrobes.

There was talk of cinnamon being included in the fragrance, but that's all we know at this time.

The fragrance will also be released in candle form and according to the furniture giant, the scent will be "mouth-watering".

Yeah, our money's on the meatballs.


Byredo perfumes currently cost around $234 and their candles sell for about $84, so it's definitely not the cheapest of scents, but since Ikea's involved, the price of these babies will probably drop.

Ikea, you're full of surprises.

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