If You Take Part In The Myki Sticker Craze You Could Be Fined

Sticking It To The Man

11 August 2017

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Melbourne is going crazy for Myki stickers.

If you're not sure what a "Myki sticker" is, it's not hard to imagine. It's a sticker cut exactly the same size as your Myki card, designed to give your ticket it's own flare.

Forget about touching on with that green or gray card like everyone else, now you could be waving a one that looks like your old beloved Metcard, or a picture of your dog.

Not that stickers are a new invention, but replacing the default design of your Myki is taking Melbourne by storm.

Here's the instructions from one online seller right here in Melbourne?

Some online sellers have even stopped accepting orders because they're struggling to keep up with demand.

One thing that's left to be tested, is what the Authorised Officers think of trend. Here are the rules about defacing your Myki, from the latest Victorian Fares and
Ticketing Manual.

A ticket is invalid if:
(a) it has been altered, defaced or mutilated in any material particular; or
(b) it becomes, or has been made, illegible in any material particular; or
(c) information stored in or on the ticket in an electronic chip has been altered or destroyed or made inaccessible in any material particular.

Sticker or not, just don't forget to touch on and off.

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