Hundreds Stung By Scorpions In Egypt Province Freak Storm


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A freak storm has lashed the southern province of Aswan in Egypt with heavy rain, flooding and snow leaving 3 dead and 500 others in hospital with scorpion stings. 

Local authorities were forced to suspend Sunday’s school classes as the province fended off the storm’s mammoth downpour of rain and hail and then the power outages. 

Governor Ashraf Attia reported that scorpions were forced out of their hiding places, seeking refuge in many houses. 

Around 503 people were taken to the hospital suffering from scorpion stings but were discharged after receiving anti-venom doses.


Acting Health Minister Khalid Abdel-Ghafar released a statement to say no deaths were reported from scorpion stings. 


The other deaths were reported by the Al-Ahram Daily, citing Ehab Hanafy, the Health Ministry’s Undersecretary in Aswan. No details on the cause of deaths were given. 

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15 November 2021

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