HSC Bosses And Universities Clash Over Results Release Date

As students struggle through COVID-19

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The HSC continues to be plagued by drama with the bosses at odds with universities over when the results should be released. 

With exams delayed until November 9th, the NSW Education Standards Authority wants results released at the end of January. 

But Universities say they cannot stretch their deadline for ATARS beyond the middle of January.

The November 9th delay as a result of the health advice has students' stress levels at an all-time high with decisions on the timetable and whether all subjects will be examined yet to be released. 

The NSW Educations Standards Authority’s (NESA) COVID-19 Response Committee has recommended all HSC examinations go ahead this year. 

“Students should have the opportunity to sit all their exams. NESA is currently working through the process of balancing the operational requirements of the HSC and those of the universities. I want clarity and certainty for HSC students as soon as possible, and they should feel assured that they will not be disadvantaged when applying to university.”

- Education Minister Sarah Mitchell

If all exams go ahead, sources say NESA will push for a January 28 results release date to allow extra time for students hit hard by the lockdown who may be experiencing difficulty with illness or remote learning. ATAR’s would be released at the same time as HSC results. 


However, universities say they need the results by Jan 17 in order to allow enough time to provide students with spots in time for when the academic year begins in 2022. 

Kim Paino, general manager of marketing and engagement at the Universities Admissions Centre,

“You need to give kids time to lock in their preferences [after results are released], you don’t want to rush them too much. They need some time to consider because their ATAR is often not what they are expecting."

- University Admissions Centre Marketing Manager Kim Paino

The crisis cabinet is expected to consider the timetable and timing of results on Wednesday.

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7 September 2021

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