How You Fasten Your Bra Says A Lot About Your Personality

Fasten at the front or back?

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How do you put your bra on in the morning? It turns out that the way you clasp your bra says a lot about your personality!

Patti Wood, body language and human behaviour specialist and author of Snap: Making The Most Of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma knows a thing or two about how our personalities influence the way we act.

She says, “There are four distinct personality types — drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors — who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks. Everything you do — and the way you do it — comes together to form a story about yourself, and there’s no reason your undergarments shouldn’t be a part of that.”

So how do those personality types relate to your bra fastening technique?

You clasp your bra at the back
You are a supporter! This means you’re pretty traditional and stick to what you know, and you always have time for your friends. You were taught to fasten your bra at the back in your teens and you see no reason to change this method.

You clasp your bra at the front and turn it around
You are an influencer! You’re always perfectly presented and like to feel appreciated.  You fasten your bra at the front to make sure you don’t miss a thing while you’re getting ready.

You only wear bras that clasp in the front
You are a driver! You hate wasting time, and always make smart and well-researched decisions. You’re efficient and dedicated and don’t want to spend time on something that might not work, so you lean towards high quality front-fastening bras.

You clasp first and then put on your bra
You are a careful corrector! You’re a private person who likes things to be done right the first time so you don’t have to do them again. You stick to reliable bras that you are already familiar with, and you clasp them first so that you know they’re set in the right place.

Of course at the end of the day it's a different story... we can't wait to throw our bras on the floor!

Are you putting your bra on the right way?

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23 November 2020

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