How You Can Tour Townsville's Street Art And Put It All Over Your Insta

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Every time you drive through the city, you’re sure to discover a new piece of street art or fall in love again with your favourite.

The beautiful bricks have taken over Townsville so much, that you can now do a tour of the best bits of street art in the city.

This is going to wow you and your friends and look amazing on your Insta feed!

So grab a coffee, and the official map then enjoy the beauty of the street art tour.

The walk will take you past these stunning strokes:

  • Denham Lane: featuring work by the RUN Collective, Kennie Deaner, HAHA, and ROA
  • Ogden Street: featuring work by the RUN Collective, ROA, Baby Guerrilla, Beastman and Leans
  • City Lane: featuring work by Fintan Magee, and Lee Harnden
  • Sturt Street: featuring work by ROA, TELLAS and Roberto Ciredz
  • Melton Terrace: featuring work by Adnate
  • Flinders Street: featuring work by Garth Jankovic and Nicky Bidju-Pryor

Already done the tour? Stay tuned because there’s new street art being created all the time, so we’re sure you’ll be due to see some newies very soon!

Learn about the art right now, check out the vid below! 



Carley Whittington

28 May 2019

Article by:

Carley Whittington

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