How You Can SAVE ‘Shadowhunters’ From Being Cancelled

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

12 June 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Are you a loyal fan of Shadowhunters and are absolutely furious that the show has been cancelled?!

Well, there might be a way for you to help save it. 

Last week, Freeform announced that Shadowhunters would be ending after this season, due to the show losing its deal with Netflix. Not only that, but the second half of season three isn’t going to arrive until next year. 


Fans were devastated over the news and have since taken it upon themselves to save the show, banding together in an effort similar to the #SaveBrooklynNineNine movement that got that hit show back on its feet. 

Fans have taken to to petition for the show to be picked up again, using the power of the masses to have their voices heard. 

Serena Leslie started the petition, telling fans, "Shadowhunters just got announced that its being canceled please please PLEASE if you have any love for this show sign this petition make it known retweet it share it on Facebook snap Instagram do whatever you have to do to make this petition known I will not rest until my show that saved me is saved. 

"It saved me once now it’s time for me to save it please help me do that. "

Want to help save your fave TV show, Shadowhunters?

Then head to the petition page HERE, give it a sign, and share it around! 

Hopefully, with fan power, we can bring this beauty back...


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