How to Turn 18 Days of Annual Leave Into 48 in 2021

Making the Most of Your Annual Leave

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We all love having a little bit of holiday time and using up those days of annual leave each year can be done in so many different ways. For instance, you could use them all at once and go on a nice long holiday, or you can spread them out and take little breaks over the year.

Here’s how you can strategically plan your holiday leave for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021 so that you can turn 18 days worth of leave into 48 days of down time!

Christmas and New Year 2020

During the Christmas period this year, the public holiday dates fall in such a way that you can get 10 days off and only three days annual leave to do it! The days you need to take annual leave are highlighted in bold below:

Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day public holiday)

Saturday, December 26 (Boxing Day, weekend)

Sunday, December 27 (Weekend)

Monday, December 28 (Boxing Day public holiday)

Tuesday, December 29 (Annual leave)

Wednesday, December 30 (Annual leave)

Thursday, December 31 (Annual leave)

Friday, January 1 (Public holiday)

Saturday, January 2 (Weekend)

Sunday, January 3 (Weekend)

Australia Day

Australia Day in 2021 falls on a Tuesday, so if you take four days off, you can get nine days off work! These are the dates to book:

Saturday, January 23 (Weekend)

Sunday, January 24 (Weekend)

Monday, January 25 (Annual leave)

Tuesday, January 26 (Australia Day public holiday)

Wednesday, January 27 (Annual leave)

Thursday, January 28 (Annual leave)

Friday, January 29 (Annual leave)

Saturday, January 30 (Weekend)

Sunday, January 31 (Weekend)

Easter Leave

Want to turn four days of leave into ten over Easter? Easter Sunday in 2021 falls on April 4 so these are the days to take off:

Friday, April 2 (Good Friday public holiday)

Saturday, April 3 (Weekend)

Sunday, April 4 (Easter Sunday public holiday)

Monday, April 5 (Easter Monday public holiday)

Tuesday, April 6 (Annual leave)

Wednesday, April 7 (Annual leave)

Thursday, April 8 (Annual leave)

Friday, April 9 (Annual leave)

Saturday, April 10 (Weekend)

Sunday, April 11 (Weekend)

Anzac Day

Even though Anzac Day falls on Sunday, April 25 in 2021 if you live in WA, Queensland, SA, the NT or the ACT you will get to enjoy a public holiday on Monday, April 26. This means if you book four days annual leave you can get nine days straight off work. Here’s what days to take off:

Saturday, April 24 (Weekend)

Sunday, April 25 (Anzac Day)

Monday, April 26 (Public holiday)

Tuesday, April 27 (Annual leave)

Wednesday, April 28 (Annual leave)

Thursday, April 29 (Annual leave)

Friday, April 30 (Annual leave)

Saturday, May 1 (Weekend)

Sunday, May 2 (Weekend)

Christmas and New Year 2021

How the time flies, we’re back up to the Christmas break! Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on the weekend in 2021 and so does New Year’s Day 2022. Thankfully, Aussies get bonus public holidays on the Monday and Tuesday following the celebrations, so if you book three days of annual leave between the Christmas public holidays and New Year’s Day, you can get ten days off in a row! These are the dates to book:

Saturday, December 25 (Christmas Day, weekend)

Sunday, December 26 (Boxing Day, weekend)

Monday, December 27 (Christmas Day public holiday)

Tuesday, December 28 (Boxing Day public holiday)

Wednesday, December 29 (Annual leave)

Thursday, December 30 (Annual leave)

Friday, December 31 (Annual leave)

Saturday, January 1, 2022 (New Year’s Day, weekend)

Sunday, January 2 (Weekend)

Monday, January 3 (New Year’s Day public holiday)

And as a bonus, for those of you with 20 days of annual leave, this means you have 2 extra days up your sleeve to do with as you please!

Happy holidaying everyone!

23 September 2020

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