How To Survive This Year's Work Christmas Party

Without a faux pas

23 November 2018

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As Christmas looms closer, the work party season is starting to kick off.

While this may be a great time to mingle with your work wife/husband and enjoy an open bar, it also can pose as a risky situation when it comes to handling the occasion appropriately.

Etiquette expert Anna Musson from the Good Manners Company told the Hit Network that there's a time and a place for everything - from the workplace romance, to outfit choices that fit the theme and won't make you feel uncomfortable.

"People get fired for this every year - so if there's someone you fancy, you're available and they're available, sure you can flirt a little," Ms Musson said.

"But if you want to take it to more than a harmless flirt, take it off site."

The party can also be a great time to branch out and meet people from other departments - but it's important to do so in a manner that will result in a good first impression (and not a messy one).

"Go and meet new people, but do it early and not after a few drinks, where you might have a slip of the tongue or do something you regret," she said.

Ms Musson also said that the work Christmas party could be a good time to put any workplace conflict behind you in a mature, low-stress way.

"Have a beer and sort it out! Go up and say 'well, it's been a bit of a year, hasn't it? Why don't we call a truce and all the best for 2019' - this is the time to settle those issues."

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