How To Speak Honey Badger With Jesse & Juelz

Thanks to our Badger interpreter Jack

12 September 2018

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Juelz is having a hard time understanding this year's Bachelor Nick Cummings (aka the Honey Badger), and honestly, she's not the only one...


So Juelz had the genius idea of getting her very own Badgelor interpreter - Jack - on the show to teach us all what the heck Nick is talking about.

Before you listen to the catch up, test yourself on just how many of these slang terms you're familiar with:

Going to catch up with a china plate

Jump in the jam jar

Hit the frog & toad

Check your sky rocket

Ronnie Ripper or Harold Holt

The Uncle Gus

Rhythm and Rhyme


Let us know how many you got!

And if you've still got no idea what's going on, Jack is here to help...



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