How To Make The Most Of Your Stopover In Singapore Changi Airport

This place is SERIOUSLY mind-blowing!

In Association With SilkAir

18 May 2018

In Association With SilkAir

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Enchanted gardens, rooftop swimming pool, cinemas and a four-story slide: Welcome to the best airport stopover of your life.

Fly SilkAir from Cairns and arrive in Singapore Changi Airport; a bustling terminal whether you are visiting Singapore as a destination or while in transit. It’s worth exploring the hidden surprises around every corner.

With over 80 restaurants, cafes and bars and unique entertainment, here's how to make the most of your stopover, whether long or short, inside the airports' playground.

Welcome to Singapore! Photo: @changiairport

Movie Theatre

There's nothing better then getting rugged up and watching your favorite film while transiting. Located in terminal 2 and 3, die-hard movie fans can kick back and watch the latest flicks screening inside the airports movie hub! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it's free-of-charge - we know where we'll be next stopover...  

Butterly Garden

Make your heart flutter. Photo:@changiairport

This one is a MUST when exploring Singapore Changi Airport on your stopover. Step inside the world's first airport Butterfly Garden where you'll be surrounded by a thousand butterflies all at once! Dreams really do come true... Flowering plants, lush greenery and a 6 meter grotto-waterfall - the iconic tropical habitat located in terminal 3 will take your breath away. Not the mention - the amount of Instagram worthy photos you'll get!

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Pack your bathers, 'cause you'll want to take a dip in this rooftop pool - especially if the weather is on point.  Located at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1, it's a place for travelers to unwind with a Jacuzzi and poolside bar. It costs around $17 to enter and is open from 6am to midnight each day. 

Sunflower Garden

Flower power Photo: @changiairport

If you don't go for the sunflowers - go for the view. Get away from the hustle and bustle and explore the rooftop sunflower nursery featuring several varieties of the happy yellow flower, all while, admiring the majestic view of the airport runway. By day, it's the perfect spot to get a dose of vitamin D and by night, the leafy haven is transformed into a magical garden with special lighting. A must-do sight, located in transit 2.

Cactus Garden

The cactus roof garden is a popular place for travelers to stretch out and catch some rays. With more than 100 species of cacti and arid plants from deserts around the world to take a look at. There's a bar hidden within the garden, so grab a drink and explore these incredible plants - some even survived the dinosaur era! 

Shop Till You Drop

Hundreds of shops to get lost in! Photo: @Changiairport

If there's one place in the world you could shop till you drop - this is it. There's hundreds of international cosmetic, perfume, electronic and retail brands to get lost in! Bring your wallet, you're going to need it! 

For all your travel needs in and out of Singapore Changi airport, fly with SilkAir to ensure you make the most of your experience is this incredible city.

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