How To Help Townsville Seniors During Exam Block

It's that time of year again!

Carley Whittington

12 June 2018

Carley Whittington

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Year 11 and 12 students across Townsville are hitting the books at the moment as they go through another exam block. 

You can help though! 

You don't need to turn into Super Mum, Super Dad, or Super Friend- just adopt some terrific tips to ease the pain of cramming the cranium. 


These are super important, but work even better when they're planned. Tell the book worm, after 2 hours of study you'll take them for a walk around the block, treat them to a quick ice cream down the Strand, even emptying the dishwasher can be enough to rest the brain for a few moments. 



After writing chapters of Biology notes, fresh air and sunshine will be much needed! Find out what their favourite exercise routine is and do that. A sprint up the goat track, squats galore at their gym, maybe 50 sit ups in the lounge room? Whatever gets their heart rate up and oxygen to their brain is GOOD. 



While it is super convenient to break open a chip packet, or block of Cadbury while highlighting endlessly- it's a bad move. High sugar content food will give them focus and narrow their attention for a short while, but it'll wear off. Instead reach for a packet of nuts, fruit salad, a handful of sultanas and LOTS of water- their brain will THANK YOU for it! 



Catching up with loved ones at home can get quite chatty, so make sure you're not a distraction. Keep loud TV, radio, or chatter at the opposite end of the house from the student, their brain is a sponge and they need to soak in study notes- not goss from what happened at the office today. 


What other tips do you practice? Tell us on Facebook! 


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