How To Have The Time Of Your Life At Dirty Dancing: The Immersive Cinema Experience

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Dirty Dancing: The Immersive Cinema Experience is nearly here and we want to make sure you are prepared!

It's not too late to grab your tickets to the Melbourne events. Head over to and purchase them right now. 

If you're not across it already, Dirty Dancing: The Immersive Cinema Experience is exactly what it sounds like - your entrance into the world of Kellerman's Mountain House from the movie Dirty Dancing. You'll get the chance to explore the resort, take a dance lesson, sip on a cocktail and play croquet. As you explore, a group of actors will make sure you really feel like you are part of Dirty Dancing. Finally, you'll get to sit down and watch your favourite movie with a group of like-minded fans. 

Here's how to make sure you have the time of your life: 

Dress The Part

Yes, costumes are encouraged. We've put together a helpful guide in case you need some last minute inspo. But bring a jacket in case it's cold, and a waterproof poncho if there's a chance of rain!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

We can't stress this enough. You're going to want to explore everything Kellerman's has to offer, and you don't want to be worrying about blisters or sore feet. Wear comfortable shoes like a pair of sneakers. 

Be Aware Of Your Phone

To really immerse yourself in the world of Dirty Dancing, the event will be technology-free from 5pm - 8.15pm. On arrival, your phone will be placed into a pouch that you will keep on you during your adventures. Once the movie begins at 8.30pm you'll be able to use your phone again! If you need to use your phone you'll need to go to the dedicated Phone Zone near the entrance. 

Grab Your Retro Camera

If you want to capture all the fun during your immersive experience, 35mm film cameras, polaroids and disposable cameras are allowed in! 

Plan Out Your Night

Make sure you've looked at the event maps and the program of activities so you don't miss out on any of the activities. You can view both at There's a lot to look at and interact with, so going in with an idea of where things are located will help you see absolutely everything. 

Eating And Drinking

Come hungry, because there will be both food and drink available to purchase on site. Please note there is no BYO alcohol. 

Think About Your Movie Viewing Experience

The highlight of the night will be sitting down and watching Dirty Dancing with the other attendees. Bring along a picnic rug, or a chair with legs no higher than 10cm. You'll be thankful for the added comfort! 

Need tickets or have more questions? Everything you need to know is available at

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20 March 2019

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