How To Find The Cheapest Flights So You Have More Money To Spend On Your Holiday!

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10 February 2018

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Planning a holiday can someones be a bit tricky because you just want to get everything done all at once so you can just hurry up and start packing.

Booking flights is always the most expensive part of organising a holiday and while most people think that getting a flight closer to your departure date will be cheaper, new data has shown that that's actually not the case.

Expedia has just released new data explaining the best and cheapest, times to book domestic and international flights and you better get yourself a notepad, because there's a lot of great information coming your way!

Expedia's ARC Air Travel Outlook Report has analysed billions of data points for domestic and international air travel and partnered with the Airlines Reporting Corporation to get you the best flight deals possible!

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Book Flights Early


First, if you're planning a holiday, try to book your flights sooner rather than later because the earlier you get a seat on a plane, the cheaper it'll be!

This is especially important for those wanting to travel overseas because booking a flight under 30 days before your departure date can significantly increase the flight price.

Avoid Booking Flights During The Week


Also, the day you book your flight actually matters, believe it or not.

Expedia found that the best and cheapest day to book domestic flights was on a Sunday and the best day to book international flights was Saturday!

This is because Saturdays and Sundays present the lowest average ticket price for customers.

Pick A Quieter Day To Fly


When you're looking at your flights on Saturday and Sunday, it's important to find the best departure date.

The report found that the best day to travel domestically is on a Saturday and the best day to fly internationally is on a Thursday.

Mondays and Fridays tend to be the worst days to fly due to larger flight prices and a higher demand for travel.

So to avoid crowds and save a bit of dosh, avoid flying on those two days.

Go On Holidays When Everyone Else Goes Back To Work


Finally, most people like to go on holidays in December because of Christmas and New Years.

Unsurprisingly, most airlines tend to make their flights more expensive at this time because of a large number of customers looking to travel.

If you don't need to go anywhere in December, but still want a decent holiday, Expedia recommends going on your holidays in January, as all flights during that month are extremely cheap!

So while your friends are heading back to work, you can kick back and relax for a few weeks!

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