How The Plastic Bag Ban Will Impact Your Online Grocery Shopping

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14 June 2018

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The plastic bag ban comes into effect in the coming weeks, however questions have been raised about how this will impact online grocery shopping.

Currently, those who order groceries online may receive their goods in plastic bags, however the move to get rid of plastic bags from Coles and Woolworths means that alternative options are on the cards.

Woolworths will provide an option of 'crate to bench' service for customers in order to cut down on waste.

"We're working to create a greener future for Australia with our customers as we phase out single-use plastic bags both in store and online from June 20," a spokesperson said.

"For home delivery orders, customers will be able to choose if they want groceries delivered in reusable plastic bags made of at least 80 per cent recycled material or via our crate to bench service.

"With the new crate to bench service, orders are packed directly into our delivery crates, and then unpacked on to a customer's bench by a delivery driver when they arrive.

"The amount for the crate to bench option reflects the additional costs of providing this new service."

If a customer opts to receive their groceries in the recycled bags, a fee of $1 will be added to the order, regardless of how many bags are required for the order.

For crate to bench service, a fee of $3.50 will be added to the order.

And if you're unable to be home at the time of delivery, there is the option for the groceries to be put in the recycled bags and left unattended at your door.

According to the Coles website, customers using the Click&Collect option will be charged for recycled bags at a cost of 15 cents per bag.

For those placing online orders, there will be the option of receiving groceries in crates to be unpacked in your home or car, or bagged in the Coles 'Better Bags' for the aforementioned fee.

Coles has also stated that an estimate will be provided at the time of online checkout regarding how many bags will be needed to complete the order.

"We have updated our bagging standards to ensure that we are utilising the Coles Better Bags as much as possible, however we may need to bag some items separately to avoid of cross-contamination," according to a statement on the Coles website. 

"Your bag count will be updated once we have picked your order to reflect only the bags we have used."

Fresh produce items will still be places in clear plastic bags.

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