How Council Will Control Carp around Shepparton

Gone electro fishin'

Holly Fallon

17 April 2018

Holly Fallon

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It's often referred to as the 'cane toad' of our waterways. The 'carp' as been the bane of many government bodies and concerned members of the communities existence.

This freshwater fish is known as a pest lurking through Goldburn and Murray river, because of their destructive bottom-feeding habits, which stir up sediments and muddy the water.

Despite many efforts, its abundance has gotten the better of many initiatives, making it nearly impossible to eradicate completely.

Common carp. Source: Pat Tully

The Greater Shepparton City Council will once again try to tip the balance in favour of the native fish, by introducing a carp control program involving electro fishing - a technique that has been used in various lakes previously.

The electro-fishing process involves emitting high voltage current into the nearby water, which stuns the fish, including natives caught in the electromagnetic field.


All stunned natives, both small and large, are removed from the water and kept in holding tanks until the electro-fishing is completed in that area, then returned back into the water unharmed.

Once caught, the carp (including goldfish, which are very closely related) are removed. And there's no better time than now.

"The warmer conditions have created an ideal environment for carp to breed."

- Paul Dainton, Council’s Coordinator Native Open Space.

The electro fishing program will be running from Monday, 16 April to Thursday, 19 April 2018.

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