How Much You Pay For A Big Mac Depends On Your Suburb

'People would be shocked'

Hit Newsroom

22 January 2018

Hit Newsroom

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It's the most recognisable burger on the planet but it would seem not all Big Macs are equal when it comes to price.

Despite national pricing on many Maccas menu products, an investigation by Seven News has revealed Big Mac price differences of up to 45 cents across Sydney.

The cheapest burger is reportedly found at Westfield Parramatta for $5.40, followed by $5.55 at St Ives and the CBD.

Two all Aussie beef patties, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles and signature sauce at Sydney Airport will set you back $5.75, and $5.80 if you decide to head over to the Golden Arches at Eastern Creek.

The most expensive Big Mac at Sydney sells for $5.85 at Wiley Park.

Retail Oasis spokesperson Steve Kulmar said the variables would come to punters as a big surprise.

"I think people would be shocked, because I we think a Big Mac's a Big Mac," he said.

With variable pricing also common across other fast food chains including Hungry Jacks, KFC and Dominos, Seven recommends looking for food courts with lots of competition in "middle class suburbs" where customers are "more price sensitive".

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