How Much Rain Townsville Got Over The Weekend

Anyone else got a pool now?

20 March 2017

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Image: Instagram @blissbathbeauty

Someone once said, "When it rains, it pours" and Mother Nature did exactly that for us over the weekend (ps- thanks chick!).

From flash flooding in Deeragun to wet roads north along the Bruce- how much rain did we get?

Townsville Airport- 10.4mm
Kiwarn- 37mm
Black Rier- 73mm
Bohle- 116mm

The wettest day so far in 2017 was February 1, where we saw 53mm fall from the sky. 

The weekend rain brings our total for 2017 so far to 375.2mm, with 73.2mm falling this month alone. 

The driest March on record was 2008 with only 2.0mm of rain. 

The Ross River Dam is at 17% capacity so keep doing that rain dancing! 


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