How Accurate Is The Latest Season of The Crown?

Did the rollerskating actually happen?

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The latest season of The Crown dropped on Netflix, and it's filled with rivalry and scandals, and also the era of Princess Diana.

Returning to the screen as Queen Elizabeth II is Olivia Coleman, Gillian Anderson joins the cast as Margaret Thatcher, and we're introduced to Emma Corrin as Princess Diana, as the show explores the history of the royal family spanning from 1977 - 1990.

During this season we see both The Queen and Thatcher clash on several occasions, we're introduced to family members that were kept secret for decades, and see Princess Diana rollerskating through Buckingham Palace.

Although the series is based on the history of the royal family, how much of this is true, and how much has been embellished to create an intriguing show.

We've found out what's fact and what's fiction in season 4 of The Crown:

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17 November 2020

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