This is a thing!

25 December 2016

Article heading image for HOTLINE TO STOP MONOPOLY FIGHTS

By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – Varga Andras/

Have you ever played a game of Monopoly that hasn't ended in a fight? Unlikely.

While it all starts out as a bit of fun, it doesn't take long for the cheating accusations to be thrown around, and voices raised, as some people stop at nothing to win.

So, the makers of the popular board game have a solution to ensure the game doesn't ruin Christmas.

A hotline has been set up, with game experts on hand to offer mediation on any game-based tiffs. 

Yep - you read right. This is a thing. 

The 0800 689 4903 line opened yesterday, and operates till the end of Boxing Day.

It comes after a poll of 2000 adults found the most common arguments were over someone making up the rules, buying a property someone else wants, taking too long, stealing from the bank and being too cocky. 

But now, those arguments can be defused, and everyone can enjoy a fight-free Christmas!

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