Hot Chip Boards Are The Party Snack You Need This Summer

We need this.

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Move over cheese boards, pavlova plates and pancake platters – we’ve found a delicious potato based snack to make all your friends happy.

Introducing Fry Boards, a collection of fried potato products accompanied by the perfect range of dipping sauces. And while Fry Boards is the American name for this platter, we’d prefer to go with the more Aussie name of Hot Chip Boards!

The original image that you might have seen circulating on social media was posted by Instagram user @thedelicious, and features the following forms of fries:

  • Oven red fries and ketchup.
  • Sweet potato fries and sriracha aioli
  • Crinkle cut fries and queso and honey mustard
  • Straight up fries and whipped guacamole
  • Waffle fries and chill ranch

Image credit: @sodelicious


Here are some other inspiring ideas for your next collection of fried food.

Image credit: @blueribbonkitchen

Image credit: @aframe24

Image: @justwhatthekosherordered

Or try an all nuggets board:

Image credit: @foodninjaken


Obviously, enjoy in moderation.

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9 January 2020

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