Horses Slip On Tile In Melbourne's CBD

They weren't injured.

19 February 2018

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A coachman says he nearly had a heart attack when one of his mares slipped on a tile and fell down outside Crown Casino on Monday.

Peter Hunter, who runs Elite Coaches, was doing a job for Crown Casino when the horse went down. 

"She's gone to get up and knocked the other horse down immediately," he said. "It's only ever happened to me once before in 20 years." 

Mr Hunter believes nearby police and a fellow coachman were his saving grace as he struggled to quickly extricate the pair from their harnesses to allow them to get back up. 

The duo are doing fine despite one mare suffering a few small grazes to her front knee. 

"I'm not going to work them today," he said. "I'll give 'em a bath and put them out with a nice big bowl." 

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