Horror Flicks You Can Stream Right Now, If You're Keen To Scare The Bajeezus Out Of Yourself

You might need a spare pair of undies

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Ahhh spooky season! It's the perfect time to buy waaay too much sugar for the trick or treaters (knowing full well no trick or treaters are turning up at your door) and scaring the absolute crap out of yourself watching horror-filled films.

Streaming services have definitely brought the scariest films out this spooky season and we've wrapped up the best of them!


You can't go past the OG horror movie from the incredibly twisted mind of Alfred Hitchcock, which is now streaming on Stan. Don't lie, this movie is the reason you're scared to close your eyes in the shower, in case a murderer is standing there when you open them again.


Another horror classic which is currently streaming on Netflix. This one has it all; a haunted hotel, creepy twins, a psychic ability, and a dose of insanity.


Oh, The Shining wasn't enough for you? Netflix is giving you the chilling follow up of the original.


Feel the need to not get a wink of sleep for seven days straight? Samara has got you covered in this creepy flick! Just beware of phone calls, VCRs and any creepy dead girls climbing out of the tv.


If you're an absolute freak, and love the words 'based on a true story.' Then the original The Amityville Horror is one to add to your list, and if you're a real sicko, you can add the real house from the film into your next holiday plans when travel starts up again! It's streaming now on Stan.


The film had a measly budget of $15,000USD, and still managed to make audiences crap their dacks worldwide. Have fun hearing noises at night after watching this on Stan.


This is another one of those fun 'based on a true story' horror films that you can watch now on Netflix. This movie is so terrifying that even some of the cast found they were having creepy experiences during filming this. 

Happy spooky season, and good luck getting any sleep after watching these!

Still not enough horror for you? Find out what creepy things happened on sets during filming:

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29 October 2020

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