Horror As Mother Separated From Baby On Melbourne Train

Reunited within five minutes

7 May 2019

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Metro trains

A distraught mum could only watch as a train left with her baby in a pram, after the pair became separated at a Melbourne station.

It's believed the woman was trying to board the Belgrave-bound train on Friday evening when the doors closed, leaving her on the platform while her baby was on the train. 

A Metro spokesman said when fellow passengers discovered what was happening, they used the onboard intercom to speak with the driver, but by then it was too late for the train to stop and it had to continue to the next station.

The train driver radioed through to Flagstaff station, where staff met the train and collected the baby.

The mum met with the Southern Cross station master who accompanied her to Flagstaff and the two were reunited.

Metro GM Safety & Security Anthony Fewster said passenger and employee safety was always a top priority. 

"This was a frightening ordeal for the mother and child involved, with Metro employees acting quickly to reunite them as soon as possible."

The mother was reunited with her child within five minutes. 

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