Horrifying Footage Shows Racehorses Being Tortured & Killed

Warning: confronting content

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An ABC investigation has shown widespread slaughter and torture of racehorses for pet and human consumption. 

The horrifying footage, which aired on 7.30 last night, shows racehorses from some of Australia's biggest thoroughbred stud farms being beaten, electrocuted and tortured at abattoirs in Queensland and New South Wales. 

An abattoir in southeast Queensland killed more than 300 racehorses over a 22-day period -representing $5 million in prize money won. Another abattoir saw more than 40 racehorses slaughtered in a single day. 

While the slaughter of racehorses is not illegal in Australia, it is against Racing NSW policy and rules.


Earlier in the year, Taylor Swift withdrew from her performance at the Melbourne Cup, following massive backlach from her fans; while management claimed it was a scheduling issue, animal rights activists claimed it as a victory. 

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18 October 2019

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