Hitchcock & Scully Are Getting Their Own Special 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Episode!


20 July 2018

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All the way over in the United States, a special event called the San Deigo Comic-Con is currently underway and if you don't know what that is, it's basically and event where everyone from TV comes together to tell us what's coming up on their relative shows. 

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine attended the event earlier today and arrived to a standing ovation, because of course they did.


But that's not what we're here for, we're here to discuss the update that the show's creator Dan Goor, shared during the panel.

As we all know, the sixth season of the show is only going ahead because NBC saved the series after FOX abruptly cancelled it, causing the entire world to explode with anger.

Now, Dan says that preparations for season six are well and truly underway AND, there's a special episode coming...

“The writers’ room is up and we are five weeks into our pre-production.

"We’ve got a bunch of scripts; we’ve got a bunch of stories; it’s going to be good.

"There’s a fun Hitchcock and Scully episode coming up.We might see them in their past at some point."



A flashback episode for Hitchcock and Scully would answer SO MANY QUESTIONS that we have about the duo.

How many cons did they catch in their heyday?

Is Kelly actually Scully's wife or dog?



Season six is still a while away, so while you wait, please enjoy this photo of Gina, Diaz and Amy together.

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