He's Done It!

Graham wins Oz's first medal.

12 February 2018

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UPDATE: Matt's sister Heidi O'Neill's spoken to Gawndy and Ash Pollard this morning, saying he's been hard to track down with all his media commitments.

"I just want to be able to give him a cuddle, but I can't do that till he gets home, which is a bit challenging!" said O'Neill, who was unable to travel to South Korea because she's pregnant!

"He's coming back on Friday and believe it or not he has to go back to Uni, which I think's a little bit crazy!"



EARLIER: Plenty of bleary eyes around the Coast this morning, as we've watched on to see Narara boy Matt Graham pick up Australia's first medal of the Winter Olympics!

The Narara mogul skier finishing second to Canadian Mikael Kingsbury in his men's final, with a score of 82-point-5-7.

Post-race, Graham said he knew he'd earned a medal the moment he landed.

"It was amazing putting down that final run which was my best run of the night," the 23 year old told reporters, "I knew when I saw the score I was going to be on the podium."

He's just the 11th Australian in history to win a Winter medal.



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