Here's How Much Sleep You And Your Kids Need

Big impacts on the rest of your health

14 January 2019

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Sleep experts are warning that the current generation of school children are experiencing an epidemic of sleep deprivation.

Overseas, the issue of students lacking sleep has resulted in pleas to shift school hours to ensure that the kids are getting enough rest.

A lack of sleep can be linked to mental health issues, difficulties learning at school and a lack of energy, prompting calls for schools to try to manage the issue has also been linked to obesity.

It has been reported that the French education minister has approved changes which would see the school day start at 9am for students aged from 15 to 18, with calls for similar action from the UK.

Head of paediatric sleep research Professor Sarah Blunden from Central Queensland University has previously stated that primary school-aged children need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep each night, while a high school student needs eight to 10 hours.

Adults typically require seven to nine hours, but it is also a case of listening to your body to determine how much rest you need.

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