Here's How Kelly Rowland Maintains Her Magical Skin!

She breaks down her routine!

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It's no secret that we love Kelly Rowland and we could only dream of being as flawless as her... until now!

A few months ago, Kelly decided to spill the beans on her skincare routine so that we too can have magical glowing skin, just like her!

Whilst speaking to Into The Gloss, the singer and author explained that she became a "beauty hoarder" after watching her mother collect beauty products.

"We were supposed to go into the drugstore to get one or two things, and we'd get all these different things.

"I'm like, 'Mom, what do you need this for?' She'd say, 'My eyes.' 'What do you need that for?' 'My eyes.' 'Well, why do you need both of them?' She'd say she was 'experimenting.'"

Kelly was fully on top of her routine but everything changed when she gave birth to her first child.

Here are the products that Kelly SWEARS by now!

Resurface Retinol Reform

"I went to see Shani Darden—she's awesome and she's actually in my book, too—and I was like, 'I just had this baby and I don't know what's wrong with my face!' 

"She gave me Retinol Reform, which is magic in a bottle. I swear by it. You know, some stuff works for specific skin types, but this works on everybody."

Alpha Beta Peel Pads By Dennis Gross

"Two weeks ago I had the worst breakout, and I used the pads so vigorously, and the next day I woke up with a new face. 

"Thank God, because we were shooting The Voice Australia and they were doing close-ups."

Natura Bissé Diamond Ice-Lift Mask

"There's a mask by Natura Bisse that you peel off, I love that.

"I get excited by any mask that dries and peels. I haven't tried any of those charcoal masks, but I want to try one here on my T-zone."

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

"My daily routine includes washing morning and night with the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.

"It's from Shani and I love it. I wear makeup daily so I want to feel squeaky clean, and this makes me feel like I got everything off."

iS Clinical Hydro-Cool Serum

"I have this serum called Hydro-Cool that works for eczema.

"My T-zone used to be pretty oily, but after I had my son, it dried up, and now I get eczema. 

"I use the serum whenever it flares up, and it kind of cools everything down."

You can get a lot of these products online and luckily, most of those stores ship to Australia so you can try out all of Kelly's favourite products at home!

Kelly is mere days away from bringing her fierceness to Australia for RnB Fridays LIVE... if you haven't got your tickets, some shows DO still have them - get all the details here.

5 October 2017

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