Here's What You Should Do This Valentine's Day Based On Relationship Status

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It's hard to believe but yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and bloody hell what should you do?

Well, that's always a hard decision depending on your relationship status so we've decided to create a fool-proof, expert step by step guide on what you should do thanks to Australia’s leading love and relationship expert, Dr Lurve.

It doesn't matter if you're single af or have been married for over 20 years (with kids), we've got something for everyone.

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We hate to sound like a classic Bridget Jones here but yes, apparently a drink or two for singletons on Valentine's Day is a direct recommendation from our love expert.

Dr Lurve suggests you get creative with cocktails or your drink of choice with a cheese board of course! Perhaps a bottle of bespoke spirit could do the trick, like Native Spirits Gin. There's a flavour for every Aussie state and not to mention it’s a light, fun and summery!

Honey Moon Era (6 Months - 1 Year)


This is probably one of the trickiest times to get it right cause you haven't been together that long and are still learning the ins and outs of the relationship!

According to Dr Lurve, the trick is you don’t want to go crazy and buy something too lavish, but you also don’t want to buy an insensitive or unthoughtful gift. Because buying something too meaningful could send the wrong message but also grabbing a bunch of flowers on your way home from work could also seem like a last-minute idea. Dr Lurve suggests a personalised gift box is a great idea for this kind of relationship, either making up one yourself with their favourite things or checking out websites like Thankly or if you're feeling like something a little more fun Lovehoney have teamed up with Cocktail Porter to hand-deliver the ultimate v-day gift sets (yes, there are singles and couple gifts available!) 

The Fun, Yet Comfortable Stage (1 - 4 Years)


This is the time where you should be thinking about something a lil' more sentimental which shows you care (but without the pressure) something like an affordable piece of jewellery from The Silver Collective would be the perfect gift without the compromise on quality or a unique experience! 

Dr Lurve says, "Funnily enough, research suggests that giving an experience as a gift can result in the recipient viewing their relationship with the gift-giver more positively. This series of emotions over time results in a memorable gift and a stronger bond with the gift-giver." So, why not check out the best things to do in your city and make it a night you both won't forget!

Pretty Much Married Just Hasn't Popped The Question Yet (4+ Years Onwards)


There is no excuse here to not buy a thoughtful gift.

After a couple has been together for at least four years, they’re likely serious enough to know whether or not they want to be together forever (yikes! In a good way of course.) At this stage, couples have been together long enough to truly understand what each other likes and the kind of gift that will be memorable. Perhaps a surprise weekend away, a watch or some unique jewellery will do the trick!

Happily Married 


After a couple has been married for a while, it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting dates like Valentine’s Day fall by the wayside.

Yes, it’s true that you might not expect anything after all these years, but wouldn’t it be nice to put some effort in this time? When it comes to finding a great gift for your wife or husband, think about how you want to make them feel. Perhaps it’s a lavish gift that you know they would never buy for themselves, or maybe it’s a practical gift like updating their worn-out jeans. It doesn’t need to be about how much money you spend, rather that you’ve thought about them and what they would want and need. So start thinking things that are a little nicer and more personalised - a monogrammed gift from a brand like The Daily Edited is thoughtful and unique!

Single Parents 


Let's be honest, no one is more deserving of a great gift than a single parent!

It’s likely this person puts their children before anything else and chances are, they don’t get much help raising them. An incredible gift for a single parent is time to themselves, so think about spoiling them with a facial or massage at their favourite day spa or offer to look after their children while they indulge! That way they can have a chance to totally relax and the gesture will mean the world to them. 

While every relationship is different, it's always nice to show your loved ones you care about them every day, not just on one day, it's the thought that counts, people!

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Eve Swain: @Eveeswain

9 February 2021

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Eve Swain: @Eveeswain

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