Here's What Is Open Over The Easter Long Weekend

Be prepared!

18 April 2019

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The Easter long weekend has arrived!

Here's your guide to what is and isn't open for business:

Good Friday

Supermarkets: Coles, Woolworths and Aldi stores will be closed. 
Cinemas: Most cinemas will operate as usual on Good Friday, but check your local listings for any variations. 
Cafes and Restaurants: Some local businesses may be operating on Good Friday, but it is recommended that you check with your local before making plans to catch up for a coffee with friends!
Shopping Centres: Major shopping centres will be closed. 

Easter Saturday

The majority of shops, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, cinemas, and tourist attractions should be open on Easter Saturday. There may be some minor exceptions from local businesses who are operating under their own schedule. Some retailers may have reduced opening hours. 

Easter Sunday

Supermarkets: Major supermarkets will be open in most states except NSW and SA, where the majority of stores will be closed. 
Cinemas: Most cinemas should be open today.
Cafes and Restaurants: You'll likely find slightly more openings than on Good Friday, with plenty of cafes and restaurants keen to get that Easter trade. 
Shopping Centres: In NSW and SA, expect the majority of major shopping centres to be closed. In VIC, QLD, SA and TAS, they will mostly be open, but may have reduced hours. 

Easter Monday

Similar to Easter Saturday, most stores, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and activities should be open on Easter Monday. 

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