Here's The Reason Billie Eilish Was Wearing A Wig At The Grammy Awards

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The name on everyone's lips at the 2021 Grammy Awards was Billie Eilish. With her signature green and black style and swoop of the awards with her brother Finneas by her side, there was something that only super fans noticed.

Billie was wearing a wig.

While to the untrained eye, Billie's neon green roots and black ends may have looked just like every other appearance, but here's how we know she was wearing a wig and why.

The singer made three appearances throughout the ceremony and in each one she had something covering up her roots and hairline. A hat, a bejeweled crown, and a bandanna. This was to conceal any wig hairlines, lace fronts or telltale signs of a wig.

But why the wig?

Well, Billie has long promised a new era for her music is upon us and with it, a new look from her. Knowing that these things take time, Billie has already transformed herself and was hiding her new look under the wig.

Fans have already noticed Billie has been appearing in public wearing a beanie or a hat lately (putting all of her hair into it) and got excited that we'd see a new look at this year's Grammys.


They are also speculating it could be a shaved head or maybe even red hair - she's already given us blue-black, violet, and the neon look we've seen recently - so what are we in for next?

What do you think?

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15 March 2021

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