Here’s Some Creepy Pennywise Merchandise To Scare You Senseless

You’ll never want to turn the light on…

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Want a terrifying twist to add to your home decor?

Well, you’re in luck, because you’ll be able to bring the evil energy of Pennywise the Clown into your home thanks to this haunting Pennywise Balloon Lamp…

Firebox are currently taking pre-orders of the 35cm tall lamp for around $50.

Their pun-filled description reads:

“Are you a demonic, drain-dwelling ancient clown looking to hurt some children in Derry, Maine roughly every 27 years? Oh, thank goodness you’re not. Sorry, it’s nothing personal. We have to check these things, we don’t want these lamps getting into the wrong hands. 

“Terrify any poor guests to your home with this spooky lamp. A near identical replica to the one from the films, this red balloon casts a surprisingly ambient glow over everything in the room. It would almost be relaxing if its presence didn’t indicate that you’re being watched by an evil clown. 

“Just try to keep them away from drains and rain gutters. And children. And basically anyone outside. We don’t want him finding out you’re mocking him with your chic interior homage or he might decide a move to your town is in order... 

Warning: This balloon does not produce a clown-shaped shadow. If you see one, RUN. You are in immediate danger. Vacate the premises immediately. Pennywise appearance imminent.”

You can track down this hauntingly beautiful lamp HERE


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