Here’s How You Can Watch Game Of Thrones In Australia This Year

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Entertainment News Team

12 April 2019

Entertainment News Team

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Winter is here and the final season of Game Of Thrones is about to kick off!

Date: On every American website you will see April 14 listed as the air date of the first episode. However for Australians, this is Monday April 15 with the episode dropping during the day.

Time: The episode will premiere at 11am AEST. You’ll probably want to stay off all forms of social media after this time, and just listen to the radio instead.  

Where: There is only one place to watch Game Of Thrones in Australia as the episodes drop. Foxtel.

You’ve got two options when it comes to Foxtel. 

  1. You can sign up for a traditional Foxtel package. This has a set top box and goes through your TV. You can also sign into Foxtel Go and stream the episodes using your favourite devices.
  2. You can register for Foxtel Now, which is Foxtel’s streaming service and offers a limited number of channels live and on demand. This includes Fox Showcase, which is where Game Of Thrones You can sign up instantly, and cancel anytime. It starts from just $25 a month. You can watch Game Of Thrones while it airs, or stream it whenever you’re ready.

As a bonus, if you use Foxtel Now you can watch the entire GOT back catalogue. If you start right this second and don’t have any toilet or sleep breaks you’ll probably be able to re-watch the whole show. We haven’t done the maths on this but let us know if you attempt it.

Otherwise, your only option is to wait until the season finishes and then purchase the DVD box set or download it from Google Play or iTunes. 

Note: This is not an ad we just want to make sure you can watch Game Of Thrones on time. The spoilers will be impossible to avoid. 

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