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We Aussies bloody love a good barbecue - it's practically a national summer pastime.


Around these parts, our warmer weather tends to last a bit longer. More sunshine means more time for outdoor living, flexing our barbie muscles and savouring the flavour well past summer's official end.

Vegos to carnivores, die-hard foodies to occasional grillers, acre backyards to shoebox units - there's a barbecue out there for every one of us to get in on the fun.

To help you make the most of an extended summer in the Goulburn Valley, we're gonna clue you in to two of the best choices. All you have to do is ask yourself - do I need a big grill, or a compact grill? Let's get cookin'!

The Beefeater Signature 4 Burner

This is the fella for Barbecuing... please take note we've used a capital 'B' there. Its cast iron burners deliver even cooking, with plenty of room for everyone's menu must-haves. Thanks to the double layer hood, it can even do your Sunday roast. See those wheels? That means you can move it around as you need, despite its impressive size.

Personally, we think you should put in backyard pride of place and let everything else work around it. Whether hosting the neighbourhood or keeping it simple with family, the Beefeater Signature 4 Burner has the goods to make you look like a BBQ god.

The Beefeater Bigg Bugg with trolley stand

It may be the smaller cousin to the Signature 4 Burner but the Bigg Bugg is not without its charms. Think of it as the compact hatchback of the barbecuing world. It can do everything the big ones do whilst taking up less space.

Sturdy and rust-resistant, this guy's the one you'd put on your well-ventilated balcony. Just 'cause you don't have a big backyard doesn't mean you should miss out on barbecue brilliance. 

Harvey Norman Shepparton has these and many more Beefeater barbies for you to check out. Don't waste our bonus summer time - get grilling on the barbie meant for you with Harvey Norman Shepparton's help. 



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9 March 2020

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