Here's How To Have The Ultimate Lockdown At Home Spa Day

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2020 has a) put us all through it and b) lured us towards doing our own spa treatments from home which we ALL know is dangerous territory.

BUT in saying that, a few wise words from people who know their hyaluronic acids from their sea algae will go a long way in helping us master the 'at home spa day' without disastrous consequences.

When we caught up with CEO and Founder of The Blaq Group (famous for their incredible black peel-off mask) Ryan Channing, he gave us some highly sought after advice and recommendations.

How has 2020 impacted people's need to take care of their skin at home?

THE LOW DOWN - Embrace balance

At home, treatments have always been enjoyed in one's home. The amount of free time we faced at the start gave everyone the creativity to get playful with their skin routine. When adjusting to your new normal, embrace balance into your daily routine. This year, well-being and mentality were at the forefront, and all those things play-up into your complexion. 

Your brands are ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. What is the next thing on the horizon when it comes to treatments, ingredients, or products?

THE LOW DOWN - Kakadu Plum, Marine Algae, Matcha Green Tea and hand masks!

Innovation, clean, and effective key ingredients have always been our approach. We're excited to introduce new products across all three brands and acknowledge at-home spa treatment products that are practical and result-driven. One of our brands, Generation Skin, is going to be the one to watch in 2021. This August, we introduced our Generation Skin eye patches with three hero ingredients, Kakadu Plum for brightening, Marine Algae for hydration, and Matcha Green Tea that serves as an energy stimulant booster.

Flight Mode, we launched our soothing, hydrating, and repair sheet masks, which are a perfect fitting to create your very own treatments at home. 

What's your number one tip for a) things people SHOULD do at home and b) what they SHOULDN'T do?

THE LOW DOWN - DON'T overindulge and DO mask up!

a) I have always been a strong advisor with keeping your skincare routines practical and know your skin type. Always keep hydrated and invest in a great face mask that serves as an all-rounder, like the Generation Clay Ultraviolet Brightening Clay Mask. Be proactive with your new normal, and find balance. This year has literally made everyone unstable. Include fitness into your daily or weekly routines. 

b) Everyone SHOULDN'T overindulge right now. Invest in something that is going to be beneficial for your future self. Purchase the essentials and necessities. Don't do things just because you're bored; trust me, I've been guilty of that myself.

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Justin Hill

18 November 2020

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Justin Hill

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