Here's How Long It Will Take You To Burn Off Your Favourite Easter Eggs

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It’s officially Easter which means two things – a long weekend and endless piles of chocolate! Whether you’re working for your chocolate by taking part in an Easter egg hunt or simply ransacking the supermarket shelves for last minute sale chocolate, it’s pretty damn certain we will be eating a year’s worth of choccie in one long weekend. 

As awesome as it is to have an excuse to eat as much chocolate as your heart desires, we should also keep in mind that all of this sugary goodness can really add up! One of the best things you can do is set yourself up for a full week of exercise post Easter to burn of all of those mouth-watering crème eggs.

Just so you know exactly what you’re eating, we have gone ahead and provided a list of your favourite chocolates and how long it can take to burn them off, along with some exercise ideas to combat your Easter gorging.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny:

133.84 calories per serving – 93 minute’s worth of burpees & jump rope

200g Lindt bunny:

1089 calories per serving – 90 minutes of running

Hot Cross Bun:

185.23 calories per serving – up to 20 minutes of boxing

Ferrero Rocher:

73.85 calories per piece (YES… per PIECE) – 20 minutes of intense yoga

Cadbury Crème Egg (39g):

173.27 calories per egg – 20 minute’s worth of jumping jacks & burpees


So, there you have it! By all means, eat as much chocolate as you please but remember that each piece could mean up to 20 minutes of exercise. Get ready for a long week at the gym!

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Georgie Marr

1 April 2021

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Georgie Marr

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